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For the listed price structure to be valid then your refrigerator or freezer
cannot have food left in it nor contain mold.

2. Has there been rotted meat in your refrigerator or freezer?
Did your appliance come from a cockroach infested house?

Call me for price structure in dealing with all of the above.
Under no circumstances will I haul off refrigerators with food still inside.
*If your refrigerator has a considerable amount of mold, bacteria or an unbearable putrid odor then you have a hazardous material situation.
I will have to charge you $100 on top of the regular fees.
Simply click on the Hazardous Waste button after making the initial payment.
You must remove the food and rinse out liquids with a garden hose.

3. Place appliance either in the garage or directly outside the garage door (not at the curb) with room for me to back my truck up to it.

Make sure appliances are out before 7AM
If I have a lot of pickups then be assured that your appliances will be picked up during the morning hours.
Pickups are generally scheduled during the weekdays, but if your pickup is urgent and needs to be picked up immediately on the weekend then just ask, I might be able to accommodate.

Kevin Sorrell
4230 S. Pitkin St.
Aurora, CO 80013
303-627-8834  (non text land-line)

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