Appliance Removal in Colorado
Is it safe to pay online?
There are about 1% of people too frightened to continue the payment process to lock in the pickup. This is for those people.

Yes it's mostly safe if you pay attention to a few details.
Make sure that nobody has created a fake page to look like mine.
In the upper left the address bar will read
When you are on the page to select the payment button where it reads: "Add to Cart" for Aurora, then it will read: "".
If it shows a different website address then something is wrong, please notify me right away.

You will be using PayPal, you Do Not require a PayPal account to use PayPal.
To make sure you were actually taken to PayPal, then in the address bar will show:
The https (vs http) means it's a secure site making it next to impossible to hack into and take your information.
The rest should read:
Nobody but Pay PayPal will begin with that, Paypal owns that domain name.
Following could show:
"/webapps/shoppingcart" with a whole bunch of numbers to follow.

I do not collect any credit card information, that's all done through PayPal.
Use a credit card vs a debit card. You are protected by your credit card company if anything bad should happen.
If there is a breech in security then it would be through PayPal, not through me and it seems that no credit card processing company or major store is impenetrable.
The various stores perhaps process billions of cards nationwide per day, a breech is perhaps a very small amount of people effected compared to the daily amount used in everyday processing.

You could use prepayed cards if you are very concerned, but credit cards are the ultimate ease of use in a cashless society where so many transactions are made online.

I only had problem in 1995 where a store in California charged $9.00 on my credit card, I called the credit card bank, had it removed and was sent a card with a new number.
I also shop on Amazon, I shop on ebay a lot, I even order things from China and Singapore and not once had any issues
I really believe that the mass majority of people won't experience problems.

Follow some of my suggestions above and you will be as safe as any person can be.
In case you wonder about me:

I provide my name, home address, and my landline phone number, most business people won't provide all of the information that I do.
You can call me, you can come by and meet me, although I would prefer a call first as I am not always here 100% of the time.
I always show up as scheduled, the only thing to prevent me from showing up is a heart attack, fatal accident, or vehicle breakdown in which the latter I would call you letting you know and I would refund all of your money, if I am ever incapacitated then my wife can return your money, it's actually very easy to do within PayPal.
Worst case scenario, just call your credit card. You are protected no matter what, so I hope you feel more at ease paying for my services online, it sure makes life much easier.

Why do I charge before picking up?

That's because I run into a lot of scrupulous people, and I mean a lot.
They would schedule a pickup and not put the appliance out, then would ignore me knocking on the door or ignore my phone calls when I try calling, I couldn't make a living doing that.
It's like it was a fun joke for them, now people take me seriously, it's no joke for me, showing up to pick up your appliance is a very serious matter to me.
I make it clear that I charge for the trip, if there is no appliance then I still got paid because it costs me money and valuable time to drive out there.
There are many people more than willing to show their seriousness and commitment to having their appliance picked up and do pay in advence.

It makes everybody's life easier. It's paid for, If you have it pushed out in front of the garage door the night before or in the morning then you don't even need to be home.
I don't need to ring the door bell or search in various places to find the money. It really streamlines my pickups.

There are very few who contact me soon after paying that say someone they know would like to have the refrigerator and would like to cancel.
I haven't made the trip, so I gladly refund all of their money.

Kevin Sorrell
4230 S. Pitkin St.
Aurora, CO 80013
303-627-8834  (non text land-line)

Quality Service Professional